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The Viral Virus

140 Graphite Drawings on Bumwad paper, 2 channel sound piece, dimensions variable, 2011.

Transmission, video, 3 min 50 seconds looped, 2011. 

The Viral Virus drawings are created as residual records, after-images or fading imprints of the virus as memory. Drawn on the flesh toned Bumwad paper, these works are delicate like skin, and layered on the wall as randomly as a recollection, but metastizing like cells. The installation immediately associates itself with the body. The sound piece evokes humor while connecting the viewer through a multi sensory approach from an electronic transmission to the biological contagion. The video work, Transmission, connects the idea of the virus as both biological and electronic transmission. As simultaneously an organic contagion and a psychological fear, it infiltrates the body invisibly. Created with sampled sound, and footage recorded unbeknownst to the person coughing or sneezing, the entire work seeks to transform the viewer into a host by penetrating their embodied perceptions.

Viral Virus
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