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10,000 Droplets

Pencil and Ink on paper, Dimensions variable, 2010.

What Sneeze Are You?, 3 channel video, 1 min 36 seconds, looped, 2010

A virus can spread across the human race as fast and as insistently as its pictorial image is communicated through the media. Its influence is as far reaching as the anxiety it creates, completely underestimated, destructive, and communicable. The body of work explores not just the imagery and social response to a pandemic threat, but also the viral spread of information about its danger. 10,000 Droplets shifts the focus from the idea of a contagion’s infection to its transmission.

10,000 Droplets is the depiction of sneezes’ expelled aerosol droplets. These large-scale black and white charcoal drawings and watercolor painting capture the body’s semi-autonomous response to a variety of triggers, conveying both the randomness of a sneeze’s pattern and of the distance of its trajectory. In this way, the marks made reference performance art and the process of creating them, action painting. The artworks draw from public health information provided by the Centers for Disease Control as source material. 

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