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Interviewed for FATE (Foundations in Art Theory and Education)

Meredith was recently interviewed for the FATE (Foundations in Art Theory and Education) Organization’s Podcast- Positive Space. In Episode 22 she discusses her FATE regional event, staying observant, and her paper that she presented at CAA-Adventures in Gender, Body, Identity: How a Multidisciplinary Course Started a Dialogue on a Rural College Campus. She shares a recent informal experiment she conducted with her Drawing I sections. One section focused on the quality of their drawings-producing fewer drawings while spending more time on each drawing. The other section focused on producing a large quantity of quicker drawings during the semester. She offers many tips & posses thoughtful questions about how creativity informs our daily lives as artists & educators. Listen here: PRESS

In this current political climate, artists need to use their voices to rally together. I feel fortunate to be a part of Sarah Sharpe’s “Tool Book” – a new project that compiles texts, images and objects that edify, inspire, support and radicalize members of the creative communities. An exhibit of the text and artwork included in the book was at the SoHo20 Gallery in Bushwick, NY.

You can stay connected or learn more about the project here: PRESS and for more information on how you can get your own ToolBook, check out this link. PRESS


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