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End of Summer: August and September 2022

During the month of August and early September, I’ve Always Wanted Blonde Hair has been a part of the Turning Tides Exhibition at the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA. The piece is exhibited with an AR component, allowing the viewer to experience the work in 360 degrees. The group exhibition explores the effects of climate change and was curated by artist Diane Burko. The exhibit is on display through September 11th. A link to a catalog of the exhibition can be found here: Are You There?…You Always Stop Here and Are You There?….We Could Move Anything Around were included in Dodomu Gallery’s summer exhibition Heatwave. The show remains archived online at:

Be Free Exhibition You Are Here VR is a part of the Be Free Exhibition at Vulkan Showcase, Oslo, Norway, Sept 12- 25. The show is put on by Female Artists Oslo and curated by Juliana Naufel, Founder of Photo Trouve Magazine.

Opening night for Be Free. Our youngest audience enjoying You Are Here VR on an iPhone with Homido Smart Glasses. Photo by Paulina Ree


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