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In a year where creating was an act of resiliency, Meredith is excited to have two cyanotypes, one created with Sarah Kain Gutowski, selected by Molly E. Evans for Raise at Stay Home Gallery. Her artworks reflect the absurdly difficult and incredibly joyful act of mothering during the pandemic. Link to the exhibition is here and statement by the curator below :

Raise questions. Air ideas. Unite through dialogue. The flag has an important role in our culture to express collective identity, and increasingly we are seeing these objects wielded as tools for division. How can flags be used to unite? To relate? To educate? To comfort? To expand ideas and/or raise awareness? Raise sought artwork from painters, photographers, designers, printmakers, fiber artists and beyond who were either already pushing the boundaries of the flag format in their studio practice or were creating images of experience capable of uniting a group in our divided society.

Raise was a two-for-one call for entry in partnership with Flagpole Gallery St. Pete in which many of the selected artists were invited to have an additional solo flag raising in 2022 at Flagpole Gallery St Pete in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. Selected artists for solo exhibitions included: matthew anthony batty, Eva Gabriella Flynn, Katie Huckson, Liz Looker, Catherine Reinhart, Laura Josephine Snyder, Meredith Starr & Sarah Kain Gutwoski, Tiana Traffas, and Jenna Valoe.


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