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July 2022 Exhibitions

July has been a busy month for exhibitions and publications. Calyx, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women for Vol. 33, no. 1. SPRING 2022 featured works from “Every Second Feels Like Theft” a collaborative project with poet Sarah Kain Gutowski. To purchase a copy click here: All My Pets Are Plants and I Already Killed One, houseplants, fabric cyanotype, 9x12” In 2020 We Throw Things, broken plates, fabric cyanotype, 9x12” Visits With Gifts You Gave Me, Art Deco plate Sarah gave me for Christmas in 2019, fabric cyanotype, 9x12” Visits with Gifts You Gave Me was also on display at the International Art Exchange Exhibition at JeJu National University in Korea from You Are Here VR was also part of the Weird Media Exhibition , part of the IDMAa conference at Winona State University. For more information visit here!

You can also download You Are Here VR to your iphone at

A still from You Are Here VR, Afternoon To Do List.


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