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Cross Country Love and Plastic Lakes at Art Lab Tokyo

Meredith’s Cross Country Love and Plastic Lakes were recently a part of the “American Wilderness” Exhibit at Art Lab Tokyo from Nov 21-30, 2019 From the press release: “The concept of “wilderness,” untamed land lacking conspicuous traces of human activity, has existed as an essential fantasy in the American psyche. True wilderness may be physically disappearing every day but that does not stop us from recrafting from scratch or redefining wilderness so that we may explore and escape.

Photo Credit Junko Ima As part of an artist exchange, five American artists from the Wayfarers collective in Brooklyn, New York create an exhibition of new works at Art Lab Tokyo. These new works developed in the US. Curated by the artists, the work explores wilderness graphically and metaphorically.”

Thank you to Cultural Attache to the American Embassy, Mr Michael Turner, for visiting the exhibit! PRESS


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