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Are You There?

Are You There is a transatlantic collaboration between former roommates Meredith Starr, an interdisciplinary artist in New York, and Dayna Leavitt, a photographer in London, culminating in a series of digital collage works. The images are trace evidence of their digital conversations during the pandemic – an ambiguous reflection of observations that blur where one ends and the other begins and the creation of an escapist imagined space and place. Titles for each work are derived from extracts of daily messages between the artists. This pandemic project has been on view in a few shows recently including:

Phenonmeon, at The Holy Art, London, UK

Landscape:Built and Grown, at SiteGallery, Brooklyn, NY Geometric Gestures, at Dodomu Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and Connections, with Dayna Leavitt, Roaring Artist Gallery

Meredith and Dayna recently gave an artist talk with Roaring Artist Gallery which has been archived and available to watch on their website.

Are You There? on view with Holy Art Gallery, London, UK Are You There?….It’s Been a Busy Morning,20×5″, c-print, 2021 Are You There?….I Keep Waking Up 20″x5″, c-print, 2021 Are You There?….I Think I’m Still Sleeping, 20×5″, c-print, 2021 Are You There?…. That’s Exactly How I Feel, 16×9″, c-print, 2021 Are you There?…I Can Picture Where You Are Just From the Sound, 16×9″, c-print, 2021


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