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Desire Lines

Desire Lines, Pen, Ink, gouache on paper, 5x7in, 2018.

Runs with My Father, gaffers tape, 7×9in, 2018. 

Where We Ate, gaffers tape, map with key,  dimensions variable, 8x10” takeaway,, 2018. 

And This Was Supposed to Be My Summer Vacation, Artist Book, Pen and Ink on paper, 7x 50 in, 2018.

Desire Lines draws the delicate tracks of the artist’s own user-created paths between the concrete, grass and sand. Small swaths of colors depict personal landmarks that are recalled with the inaccuracy of nostalgia. The drawings reflect conscious emotion, attention and habit and document the body’s movement through space. The initial installation for the project incorporated a large scale gaffers tape drawing, depicting the paths the artist ran with her father as a young adult on a miniature scale. The audience was invited to walk the lines as an active participant. Where We Ate is also an  interactive experience from the Desire Lines project, and is an invitation for the viewer to find the artist’s steps, repeat them, and  interact with the patterns she created coming and going from the first apartment she shared with her partner, at the beginning of their romance. The installation also includes a piece of ephemera to be taken at liberty by the viewer. It serves as map and the writing, key. And This Was Supposed To Be My Summer Vacation is an artist book from the project, which transcribes the lines of the artist’s longer summer days telling the narrative of a busy week.


Desire Lines reflect careful observation, and an investigation of curiosity- what compels the artist to move these ways. And they ask, has the viewer also traveled these paths and noticed what she’s seen?

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