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You Are Here VR

Meredith and Dayna are excited to announce that You Are Here is now available for the iPhone.

You Are Here is an interactive art experience, created in virtual reality and designed for Google Cardboard/smart glasses. It simulates the experience of a day passing, with five rooms representative of different times of day, marking shifts in light, mood, and tempo; waking up in the early morning, late morning, afternoon, evening, going to sleep and entering the dream state at night. Engaging with an object through direct, sustained gaze in each room will transport you to the next room. The project is a transatlantic collaboration between former roommates Meredith Starr, an interdisciplinary artist in New York, and Dayna Leavitt, a photographer in London. As the artists navigate forced distance and a time difference, exploration of these themes create a constructed alternate reality. Their manipulated photographs reflect fabricated memories that invents a shared experience, allowing them to create an escapist, imagined space where the artists co-exist.

Here is a link to download the experience for your phone:

The project is currently being featured as part of Floresta Magazine’s Feral Neighborhoods Exhibit under Visioning:

We hope you’ll also take the time to read through Giorgia Burzio’s thoughts on the project!

Feral Neighborhoods Online Exhibit at Floresta Magazine. View Are You There VR in the Visioning link.


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