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Fall 2020

In the fall of 2020, Wayfarers Gallery sponsored two exhibits. The first-Ransom 2 was an Instagram specific collaborative online experience. Conceived and directed by artist and founder of Wayfarers George Ferrandi, RANSOM 2 featured the work of 417 artists (including some of Meredith’s students!) operating from a wide range of skill levels, and hailing from an equally wide range of geographical locations. A.W. Strouse wrote a poem and each participating artist was assigned one word from the poem that they could represent using the medium of their choosing., tThe images of the words are assembled ransom note-style to spell out Strouse’s poem. The proceeds from the exhibit were enough raised to keep the gallery open through the end of 2020. “The captions that accompany the images offer a specific description of each artist’s process, and a general description of their lives during Covid––homeschooling, protesting, gardening, mourning. The captions function like pointillist dots culminating in yet another image—a collaborative portrait of this impossible and historical moment.” (Wayfarers) To view the exhibit follow @ransom2wayfarers on Instagram

Sharing, Dryer Lint, 2020.

In this time of social distancing and COVID-related cancellations, Ejecta Projects is honored to install what we create may save us, Wayfarers’ final, physical members’ exhibition. The title of the exhibition, a phrase borrowed from a poem titled “Cranes in August” by Kim Addonizio, alludes to the impulse to make and share art, as an act of hope, connection, and survival amid loss and profound change. Curated by artist Cynthia Reynolds, the work features 18 artists from the Wayfarers Collective. Meredith has two works in the show- 10,000 Droplets and Tracking. A catalog of the show is available here:

10,000 Droplets, Pastel on Paper, 39″x53″


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